• Professional Services An integrated service delivery systems where Medtras provides skilled set of software professionals on time and material basis.
  • Business Infrastructures Support & Maintenance Contract To provide the business support maintenance of the I.T infrastructures, not only software support but network and server as well, including Structured Cabling Systems, Routing, Switching, etc. IT Strategic Blueprint, based on our client's Vision, Mission and Credo (VMC), we will design a strategic model of I.T infrastructure blueprint to enable your stated VMC.
  • Solution Integration Provides one stop solution to the clients and/or its value chains by integrating all the business unit components to enable the clients and/or, the chain to response instinctively to the changes of business demand.
  • Turnkey (Fixed Bid) Project Large software development on a fixed cost turnkey basis which are executed on site and off-site.
  • Such project could be custom-built application, product development and functional enhancement (under multiple platform). 
  • E-Business Solution Provides solution using the latest of web technologies tools to enable the clients to provide all of its business operations electronically through variety of new and emerging online business models.

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